Three Main Keys to Academic Success at Ohio Technical College

You’ve been accepted to start your next semester here with us at Ohio Technical College, you’ve chosen your program, worked out your housing and/or transportation, and you’re ready to start classes. Before you know it, you’ll be a graduate with a world of job opportunities at your fingertips. However, just because you have your foot in the college door doesn’t mean it’s going to be a breeze. Follow these three main keys to academic success to avoid any bumps on the path to your career in the transportation or welding industries.

1) Never Skip Classes
It seems like common sense, right? To learn the material, you have to attend classes. However, many people get over-confident, especially if they feel like they already know everything there is to know about their chosen program. Don’t let complacency lead to you missing important classes and shop time that are vital to your success!

2) Use the Resources We Provide
We want you to succeed, so we offer every resource to our students to help them along the way. Our instructors are available for one-on-one interactions outside of class hours, and all day on Fridays! Our Student Services office can coordinate help for family issues like illness or childcare, or even just with a few items from our food pantry and some free popcorn when you stop by. Our Career Services office’s main mission is to help you find your dream job after graduation, but they can also help while you are in school by providing leads on numerous part-time jobs that will not interfere with your classwork. Our on-site school counselor is also here to help you address items of stress or concern as you adjust to life as a college student. You really can’t afford to not use everything we have to offer you!

3) Set Attainable Goals
Don’t let aimlessness keep you from being successful. Make sure you set goals to help you during your studies. Make sure those goals aren’t just lofty dreams, either. You want to be able to check them off as you go. Setting mini goals each week can also be helpful in keeping you up to date with your tasks and homework assignments.
You’ve already made an excellent decision by enrolling at Ohio Technical College. By sticking to these three keys to success, you’ll be on a fast track to graduating and beginning the career that you always wanted.