Three Lessons I’ve Learned from Being an Instructor at Ohio Technical College

Auto DieselIt often seems that a lecture is exactly that: a one-sided diction that results in you, the student, trying to siphon up all the instruction that is pouring out of my mouth. However, being an instructor here at Ohio Technical College has actually been a learning experience for myself, as well. Here are three major lessons that I’ve picked up during my time teaching here.

1) Every student learns differently.
There is no place for a “one size fits all” attitude in the classroom (or the shop!). What works well for one student can lead to another one feeling thwarted and frustrated. Remaining flexible, and introducing alternative teaching methods, can go a long way in ensuring that every student in the classroom actually learns and retains the information I’m sharing with them.

2) Education is an interactive experience.
If I stand at the front of the classroom, droning on and on in a monotone, I’m going to lose you. I absolutely admit that, and I know that learning isn’t just about me talking at you. Staying engaged with my students is critical to make sure they learn. Asking questions, and encouraging you to ask me questions, can help ensure that the lesson sticks.

3) We’re all part of a team working toward a common goal.
I get no pleasure whatsoever out of seeing a student struggle. Failing a student feels like a failure to myself. I want you to succeed. I want you to learn and to understand the lesson. I want you to graduate and get an awesome career in the automotive industry, just like you want the same. When we work together toward that common goal, we’re all winners.

Teaching, for me, is incredibly rewarding. I love seeing my students graduate and go on to land careers in their chosen field. No matter what you’re studying here at Ohio Technical College, I want you to be another success story!