Success is in the eye of the Golden Technician

Scott McCartney enrolled at PSI in January 2009, after a long 15 year stretch of working on a assembly line in a factory, he needed a change of pace.

“From what I had heard and saw when I toured PSI, it was the school for me. The program seemed to be better than what other schools had to offer and it was close to my home so it seemed like the best opportunity for me to become a trained technician. It was one of the only schools that provided the ability to train on all the powersport products that are popular in the North West.”

Upon graduating from PSI in April of 2010, Scott finally got to go full time with his new job at 360 Powersports in Huron, OH. With working there part time during the last month of training at PSI, he was eager to get out and start working in his new career.

“I was so excited to start work doing something that I love. I heard that if you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life and to this day, I still feel that way.”

Scott has had a great career so far. He worked for 360 Powersports for 2 years and has now been working at American Powersports in Sandusky, OH for 2 years. He plans to continue working there for as long as they keep him.

“The nice thing about training at PSI on such a variety of power sport vehicles was that I never got laid off during the winter. In the summer it is a lot of motorcycle repair and maintenance and in the winter it is a lot of snowmobile repair and maintenance. ATV’s and Utility Vehicles are a constant for this area and have kept me busy all year round.”

Already achieving certifications in Arctic Cat for Snowmobiles and ATV’s as well as his Victory Gold and now his Polaris Gold ORV, Scott plans to continue putting in the hard work and dedication to gaining more certifications in the future.

When we asked if he felt the experience of attending PSI was beneficial to him and if there are any “words of wisdom” he may have for other students he told us “I fell like PSI prepared me for the work environment and I was already a experienced technician when I graduated even though I had not been a tech for very long in the real world. I do not think that I would have been able to be a technician without going to PSI and obtaining the training that I did. Anyone who is thinking about going to school, stay focused because you can do anything that you can put your mind to. Success is in the eye of the beholder and you can be successful too”

Congratulations Scott!

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