Scott Skaggs

Scott SkaggsDiesel instructor Scott Skaggs has worked in the diesel industry since 1994. He has done it all from bumper to bumper. As technology changed with the diesel engine, so did Skaggs. He became very proficient with diagnostics and the hi-tech electrical sensors now common on new diesel engines. He was an instructor AT OTC for two years, before stepping away and working for Cummins. He’s now back in the Cummins lab ready to teach again. Skaggs got his teaching license in 2007, and has no trouble establishing who is the Alpha in the classroom. “it’s really important to have structure and set expectations in the classroom. I only have my students for 6-weeks, and there is a lot we need to cover in that time.” The six-weeks in Cummins does cover a vast amount of content from explaining the updated engines, how they work, new parts, sensors and what they control, computer diagnostic and learning Cummins proprietary software QSOL (Quick Serve On-Line) and Insite. The rewarding part of teaching for Skaggs is passing on his knowledge to those students who will use it as a building block to a solid career in the diesel industry.