Restoration alumni working in CA

Classic Car Restoration alum Colton Rees (AR-29/2018) is living the dream in Hunting Beach, CA working for DWS Classics. Rees returned home to Garden Grove, CA after his OTC graduation, walked in the door to DWS Classics and asked for a job. He’s been there a little over a year and is loving the opportunity to work on some great cars with great people. He says he’s easily the youngest technician in the shop, that currently employs four other restoration technicians. The short-bed Chevy pick ups seem to be the “hot thing’ right now as far as restoration projects. Rees says it’s a less expensive investment for first-time customers venturing into restoring a vehicle. Rees says it’s important for current students to understand the importance of paying attention to details – as those details can make or break the reputation of a restoration shop. Check out DWS Classics’ website and see their 2018 SEMA build – that Rees worked on.