PSI Student Realizes Success and New Bike Build

Jeff Glick enrolled at the PowerSports Institute out of the military as a member of American V-Twin class VT-19 and began his new journey.

He had a dream of building his own chopper and quickly realized that what he thought would be a cool hobby was growing into something he never expected.   He enrolled at PSI in the American V-Twin motorcycle training program.

Jeff realized that not only does the process of building a custom motorcycle feed his creative side but it is also a great stress relief. He found that when he is in the shop the stresses of everyday life fade away. He is happy and content.

Jeff joined the I.M.B.B.A (International Bike Builders Association) as student at PSI not really knowing what to expect from the organization. But after completing the judging course, he realized what a powerful network opportunity it is. He is looking forward to growing with in the Association and is looking forward to taking advantage of all the association has offer and especially the day when they consider him a colleague, not just a member.

Upon graduation at PSI as a V-Twin motorcycle technician, Jeff teamed up with another student, Sean Toth, who was forming Shamrock Choppers.  Things didn’t quite materialize so after a period of time weighing his options, he decided to take a leap and start up Generation X Choppers.  After a complete overhaul of his original concept he is finally moving forward with his current build.  We look forward to his bike’s debut in February at the Easy Rider Show in Columbus, OH.

Jeff would like to take a little time and thank not only Ron Radeke for all his support throughout this journey but also Pat Downey, Kirk Nussbaum, Bryan Vaughn and the other V-Twin instructors and staff at the PowerSport Institute, as well as Thompson Choppers for the frame and Ride Wright Wheels for those gorgeous green and black mammoth spoke wheels.

Congratulations Jeff!


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