OTC’s Stephen Marques is making a name for himself!

AD-275’s Stephen Marques is already making a name for himself on campus and he’s been here just two months! He has already passed 2 ASE certification tests in Automotive and Diesel Electrical and will be taking over the reins of the ASE Student Workshops when Kyle Matovcik -224 graduates in December. Matovcik has already earned 9 ASE certifications. Marques has set a huge goal of being dual ASE Master Certified in both Automotive and Diesel passing a total of 16 ASE’s. He plans on taking 2 more tests – brakes and steering & suspension in a few weeks. He will continue with two at a time until he meets his goal. He says it’s important for students to take their certification seriously as they will open doors to endless opportunities. “Any small shop or major dealership will see the validity of someone with ASE certification,” he said. The next ASE student workshop will be November 4th at 7am in the Diesel computer lab.