OTC’s December 2015: Student of the Month

OTC congratulates our newest student of the month – Eric Shoemaker. Shoemaker is currently a welding student with a little over six months of training completed. He has earned two honor rolls and has only missed two days. He is excited about his future as a welder. Originally, right out of Butler, High School in 2011 he was set to start in OTC’s Classic Car Restoration program. As sometimes happens, the finances weren’t able to support that plan. He instead stayed in Butler, PA and attended truck driving school. He obtained his Class B, but soon realized over-the-road driving wasn’t for him. In a better place financially, he looked again at his training options and chose OTC’s welding program. He says so far vertical stick welding has been his toughest challenge to master. He plans on a career as a TIG welder once he completes his training in May 2016.

As OTC’s student of the month Shoemaker receives $50 in cash, $50 voucher to the OTC campus store, $100 Matco tool voucher,  and an OTC jacket.