OTC August Student of the Month – Kevin Lowe

Ohio Technical College extends congratulation to our August Student of the Month – Kevin Lowe.

Kevin is the third student from DT-231 to be awarded this status. Kevin is a 2013 graduate of Ashland County Career Center where he specialized in automotive training. “Diesel training wasn’t an available option, but I wanted to be knowledgeable on both gasoline and diesel engines,” says Lowe.

He chose OTC’s Diesel program based on his personal career goals, which is to work on large semi trucks and off road equipment. Lowe is fortunate he has an aunt living in nearby Brunswick, Ohio where he stays over four nights a week. “I was originally going to commute every day,” says Lowe, “but the three hour total round trip drive got old really quick.” Lowe is currently working two jobs, one in the Cleveland area at Conrads and on weekends at home he works for Aber’s Truck Center in Ashland.

Lowe has been a student at OTC for more than a year, and has not missed a single day of class, been late to class, or left early. He maintains 90% GPA and is always willing to help out his classmates or other students who are struggling. Lowe says he’s most challenging training module to date has been transmissions, “there are a lot of moving parts that have specific functions, and it’s really challenging to make sure they are all where they need to be to work as a cohesive unit.”

Lowe says he enjoyed the HVAC module and even earned his MACS certification. Lowe is considering the possibility of taking the power generator program after his February 2015 graduation, but right now it isn’t a solid goal. “I really just want to get out there and start working turning wrenches.”

The entire OTC family wishes Kevin continued success in the remaining months of his training.

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