Ohio Technical College Students Graduate with Eight

The student-orientated phrase at Ohio Technical College (OTC) is ‘Graduate with 8’. The connotation behind it is for students to earn the most out of their education and apply themselves to obtain all eight Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications by the time they graduate.

Students enrolled into OTC’s Automotive, Diesel and Collision Repair Technology programs receive thorough in-depth training throughout their 18 month curriculum that comprehensively adheres to industry needs. OTC’s technical training programs are also Master Certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

Just as ASE promotes excellence in the automotive, diesel and collision repair fields, OTC upholds that exact philosophy and encourages its student body to achieve multiple ASE certifications which is an incredulous building block in becoming a real world technician. This undoubtedly reinsures students that they will become more versatile as they enter the ever demanding transportation industry.

Owner and President of Honda Motorcars in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Trevor Gile discloses why he consistently employs OTC graduates, “OTC has been in Cleveland for over 45 years producing top notch technicians that not only receive cutting edge and industry recognized training, but take the initiative to gain multiple ASE certifications and recognitions as a student.  We are proud to partner and support OTC as they continue to be national fixture in quality education.”

OTC expects their students to achieve a higher level than just that of a basic automotive mechanic school.  They strive to see students achieve career success in becoming a career professional technician and that includes gaining many certifications and recognitions while in their program.  OTC places such a high value on these certifications that they will reimburse students for any ASE certification tests they take and they pass successfully.

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