Ohio Technical College Student Goes To Iceland To Work

Ohio Technical College Auto-Diesel student Derek Meadows AD-269 is planning a major relocation in July. Meadows who is a USMC veteran of four years knows what it’s like to move around, but even he admits this transfer will take a period of adjustment. Iceland is similar to Alaska in that the summer months the sun doesn’t completely set. You also have the flip side during the winter when during the winter months you may only have four hours of daylight. Meadows is heading to Iceland to work for Teitur – it is a motocoach tour company out of Kopavogi.  “Companies over there are desperate for skilled and qualified diesel technicians,” says Meadows. “I was actually offered slightly more money to work for the Mercedes dealer there, but I wanted to work on bigger equipment.” Meadows was a diesel technical in the Marines, and now can add his OTC Auto-Diesel training to his growing list of in-demand skill sets. “Tourism is year round in Iceland, and the tour buses I will be working on need to be maintained for the heavy daily passenger loads,” he said.