Ohio Technical College Announces May 2019 Instructor of the Month

It was just six months ago OTC welcomed Eric Steinel as our newest automotive instructor. Now, we congratulate him as a newest Instructor of the Month! In December, Steinel had recently sold his profitable Porsche repair business and decided to dive into a second career – teaching. He admitted he struggled initially transitioning from a business owner and boss to a teacher and mentor. As someone used to making decisions and assigning work to his staff – students didn’t respond positively to his business persona. He sought some insight from his daughter on how to appeal to a younger audience. “She really helped me to become more relatable to my students,” he said. Now Steinel is working towards making the classroom material more engaging and relevant. “I read industry related articles and bring topics of future technology or legal issues into the classroom for discussion. If some of this technology is mandated by the government, how will it affect my students’ job requirements? How will they have to adapt? It makes for some interesting conversation.” Being recognized as Instructor of the Month was a welcomed validation for Steinel, as he admits some days he questioned his effectiveness as an instructor. “I know now I am making a difference in student’s lives. They see the value of my knowledge and appreciate the experience I bring to the classroom and in the shop. It’s a great feeling!”