Ohio Technical College Announces March 2019 Student of the Month

Welding student Jarrett Wilson is all smiles as he accepts the recognition as OTC’s newest Student of the Month. Wilson is killing it back in the welding program with perfect attendance and a 96+% GPA. He loves to weld and his record card indicates he has received 100% for his professionalism grade EVERY WEEK for the past 6 months. He already has earned/passed 6 welding certifications. He has 3 additional weld tests out and waiting for certification and is planning to tie the college record for 12 welding certifications earned before graduation day in June. He now joins his sister Hailee, who won Student of the Month last month on OTC’s Wall of Fame in the auto arena. This is the first time OTC has had a brother/sister (and twins) earn back-to-back student of the month recognitions. Wilson is the embodiment of what is possible when you focus your energy towards the goals you set for your success. Congratulations Jarrett Wilson, OTC’s March 2019 Student of the Month!