Ohio Technical College Announces February 2019 Instructor of the Month

OTC congratulates our February 2019 Instructor of the Month, Justin Holcomb. Welding students were not shy in stating their reasons they felt Holcomb deserved this recognition. Every student nomination indicates Holcomb listens to student’s concerns, addresses the technique or problem students are having in not achieving the desired weld results. He will put on his hood and demonstrate the weld technique or stand next to a student to watch and understand the problem a student is having, and counsel them through the solution to get the technique down. Holcomb makes himself available to students who come in on Fridays for additional mentoring and practice time. Welding does come down to the small, yet important nuances that produce a passing or failing weld. It is not something that can always be learned through watching a video or reading a text book, it comes from a skilled welder passing on their knowledge, being patient with unskilled students, and taking the time to listen and then formulate a plan for all of our students to succeed in their chosen career.