Ohio Tech Racing Training Program Takes In 2 Cars

OTC’s High Performance and Racing training program is housing a couple of race cars for the next few weeks to allow our students access to more race cars during steering and suspension training. The cars are owned by local race enthusiasts who support the program.

The white Porsche 911GTR is a factory made race car, while the red Porsche Boxster is stock modified.

According to Perry Dangerfield, an OTC high performance and racing school instructor,  “Our students can gain a lot of knowledge on how well a suspension is working for a car taking tire pressures and tire temperatures.” Many of HP’s students were at Mid Ohio earlier in the year doing just that on race day.  Having the vehicles in our bays allow students take their time and to really examine and understand the under workings of two similar, yet distinctly different race cars. The cars will race next at Pit International on July 10th and 20th.

To learn more about OTC’s racing training program, click here http://www.ohiotech.edu/motorsports/



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