Ohio Tech Owner/CEO Marc Brenner Passes

Ohio Technical College Owner and President, Marc Brenner passed away today at the age of 68.  He changed the lives of tens of thousands of students and hundreds of individuals whom he employed.  He and his father, Julius, started Ohio Technical College in 1969.   An “idea” which began with six students on the 2nd floor of a warehouse building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio has grown to be one of the largest and most respected technical training institutions in the United States with a current enrollment of 1400+ students.  Marc and his father were innovators who changed the landscape of technical training and education.  Marc’s creative abilities and enduring drive resulted in Ohio Technical College being considered by many as the “Harvard of Technical Schools”, and with Marc receiving numerous recognitions and awards.

Marc was very well known throughout the nation due to his endless work within the private school industry and served in several major organizations.  He was named “ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR” in Northeast Ohio in 2013 and Marc and his family received the Ohio “FAMILY BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT” award in 2015.  He was an enthusiastic Cleveland sports fan and avid theater buff.

Marc was a most generous individual who, over many years, contributed and supported numerous agencies and individuals.  Marc embraced life and attempted to savor every second of his fulfilling and remarkable journey.  Marc was an extremely intelligent and articulate dreamer and visionary, and didn’t hesitate in reminding people to “not be in a hurry to flip the pages of life to see what lies ahead,  as it will arrive much sooner than you could ever imagine.”  He was a very tough and successful business man who commanded and received tremendous loyalty from his employees, students and Partners in Education.

The entire Brenner family want to thank everyone for the love, support, and deep friendship given to Marc over his lifetime and promises to continue his legacy by working to make Ohio Technical College the top technical college in the nation.