Ohio Tech BMW Program Welcomes New Vehicles

Ohio Technical College’s BMW STEP and Fast Track training facility has received two new vehicles for students to train on.

The F06 640 Gran Coupe retails at $85,800 and is designed as an executive level vehicle. It has the latest in Xdrive software upgrades and of course lots and lots of electrical challenges for students to map and master.

The 4 Series F33 Convertible is more affordable at $63,500 and as always, the convertibles are brought in mostly for the roof retraction hardware. BMW sells a fair number of convertibles and being able to service and repair them is a top priority. Both vehicles are added into a fleet of about 30 BMW’s ranging from the 3 series up to the ultra expensive 7 series.

Located right on OTC’s campus, the BMW STEP and Fast Track training programs have been and remain the most comprehensive BMW technician development program for the BMW Group.  OTC welcomed a new BMW STEP training class on Monday, and we will be following OH22 until their graduation day in January 2015.


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