Nigerian Born Oje Adebo Living His Dream

As Americans we enjoy a lot of opportunities and advantages people living in other countries don’t have. Nigerian born Oje Adebo knew he could have a better life in his home country of Africa if he could get the right training.

“Where I live there are a lot of cars, mostly American, but not a lot of certified technicians to fix them. Nor are there any schools available to teach what we need to learn. Automotive technicians  who are certified and knowledgeable are very much in demand and make a lot of money.”

Adebo says back home he has a Chevy Cobalt and a Lincoln Navigator. He says the primary brand of truck is a Ford. Adebo says getting to the US was a bit challenging. “It took me two days, and was very stressful. I’d like to return and visit my family prior to my graduation, but I’m not sure I want to go through all that travel stress again.”

Adebo just started his training in February, but in 18 months hopes to return to Nigeria after his training is complete and open his own automotive repair shop.