Kyle Matovcik

Kyle MatovcikKyle Matovcik, December 2015 graduate was a bright star in OTC’s Automotive Program and his career continues to burn hot three years after graduation. AS an individual and student, he excelled in everything he did, from earning ASE Master Technician status at graduation to 6 honor rolls, student of the month, leading the ASE student study group and being the go-to-guy willing to help anyone who asked. Matovcik knew when he made the decision to attend college he would approach it the way he tackled most endeavors. “You don’t get to play unless you’re all in,” he says. “To me, college is the most important time in a students life.

That training will shape you and your career for the rest of your life. So you better do it right.” Matovcik wanted his resume to speak for itself. No doubt his resume continues to talk as Matovcik receives unsolicited job offers from dealerships wanting him to work for them. Prior to graduation, Matovcik was fielding numerous job offers from Ohio to Florida. He is currently at #1 Cochran Buick, GMC Cadillac in Monroeville, Pennsylvania as an automotive technician. His daily responsibilities involve vehicle diagnostics and repairs, looking up labor ops, as well as being “muscles”… Which is helping lift and push heavy things. “My training and time at OTC was 100% get what you give. And I gave a lot, and have in turn received an ultimately meaningful career and life.”