Kira Daczko is OTC’s new Director of Career Services

Kira Daczko is OTC’s new Director of Career Services. Daczko came to OTC from five years of Career Placement at our Branch Campus, PSI (PowerSport Institute).

“I was a student at PSI back in 2008, and I know what student’s perceptions are. My responsibility now at OTC and PSI is to help these students see the potential in the industry both short and long term.”

Daczko has a proven plan in place she will roll out at OTC to get incoming students to focus on their goals and k…eep them on track, so when the time comes for that big career interview, there will be nothing holding them back.

“We have updated the OTC website to include a Job Placement tab with the most current job openings. We encourage our current students and alumni to check it out as frequently as possible.

If students see something they want to apply for, they can come to my office or give me a call and I will give them the details.”

Daczko is also planning Career Development Classes to help those students who are unfamiliar with the industry to get them thinking about the possibilities for both full and part-time employment.

“I’m also going to develop our alumni database as they are a fantastic source for job openings. Seeing our graduates in management positions and then coming to OTC to recruit new hires will show our current students the potential the industry has to offer and will keep them motivated in working toward their goals. The key to our success in this industry is our students success and it is vital for them to know that their future important to us”