Jovani Carrion-Dejuesus

Jovani Carrion-DejuesusIt through hard work and determination that each of our students makes it to graduation day. It also helps when they have a solid support system of friends and family. OTC Automotive student Jovani Carrion-Dejuesus (AT-257) is one of our 130 March and May graduates looking forward to next week’s commencement ceremony. He has also purchased the most tickets for his attending support system. He represents a tremendous accomplishment and sets the example in his family as being the first to graduate high school and now college. Carrion-Dejesus was born in the United States after his parents migrated here from Mexico over 20 years ago. He now has a big extended family that exceeds over 20 cousins, of which he is the first born.

His brother will graduate from a different technical college in September and Carrion-Dejesus hopes to one day operate an automotive and collision business with his brother and cousin. Carrion-Dejesus said it was difficult leaving home and relocating to Cleveland for 18-months, but after two months navigating around Cleveland, it wasn’t so bad. He enjoyed Playhouse Square, Lake Erie and just exploring a new area. Carrion-Dejesus will graduate with 15-month Perfect Attendance and his MACS 609 certification. Carrion-Dejesus in a 2018 graduate of Whitehall High School and Eastland Career Center, COlumbuis, OH and plans on returning to the Columbus area to start his career.