Jack Heriges April 2015 OTC Student of the Month

Congratulations to Jack Heriges as he was named the April 2015 OTC Student of the Month.

Jack is an outstanding member of his class and an overall superior individual who inspired those around him to be the best they can be.  Heriges proudly served his country in the United States Marines for five years. He came to OTC after working in Alaska for a while for a company who provided maintenance and service to the ships on TV’s Deadliest Catch. Now here at OTC he maintains a GPA of 97.63%.  Jack has been featured in our newsletter and in our social media as having achieved 18 weeks of 100% on his test scores.

Jack Heriges had two nominations for OTC’s Student of the Month. Bonnie LaCourte from Student Services and Automotive instructor, Jim Post. It’s not often two people nominate one student to represent not only their program, but the entire college as a whole as Student of the Month.

Heriges wins a $100 Matco gift certificate, !$50 bookstore voucher, $50 in cash, an OTC jacket and his picture outside the OTC Visitor Center.

Congratulations Jack!