Gary Frederick, Jr

Gary Frederick, Jr.Complete Automotive graduate Gary Frederick, Jr., couldn’t be happier with his placement at Kelly BMW in Columbus, Ohio. “I have a great mentor here that have taught me so much since I started in September. He is super patient with me asking a million questions and has taught me some handy tips on how to document the work I’m doing and the services are done on each vehicle.” Time is money in any dealership and if you can’t account for your time working on a specific vehicle, you don’t get paid for it.

Most freshman BMW technicians are placed on hourly pay until they can comfortably transition to flat-rate. Frederick completed his BMW STEP training in the fall and was ecstatic to move to Columbus to work at Kelly. “I have a bunch of friends down here and a few of them are students at Ohio State. We have a good time. Columbus is a great city.” Frederick is originally from Brunswick, OH which is two hours North of Columbus. “It really is such a short drive home when I visit that it’s not an issue.” Frederick earned his Associate Degree while at OTC along with with his MACS 609 certification. He was invited to apply to the BMW STEP program on campus based on his grades and attendance. Students also need a near flawless driving record to pass the preliminary requirements.