Experienced Automotive Industry Professionals

Instructor CredentialsMany of us had our passion for the automotive industry sparked at home, as kids, tinkering in a parent’s or a grandparent’s garage. While the skills you learned as a child helped forge your path to pursuing a career working on automobiles, it’s no match for real training from skilled professionals in the industry. That’s why we here at Ohio Technical College are proud to employ well-trained and experienced industry professionals to serve as instructors, allowing them to impart their knowledge and skill to our students.

Our instructors possess an impressive array of certifications and credentials, including:

• ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certifications
• Association of Diesel Specialist Membership
• BMW Certified Training
• Power Sport Manufacturer Recognition

All of our technical instructors are industry experts. Our academic instructors (for courses part of the Associate Degree programs) hold master’s degrees or higher in their area of study. Furthermore, our staff aren’t just book trained; they also have the hands-on experience that can only come from years of industry experience in the field. This combination of certification, education, training and real-world experience makes our instructors an unmatched resource that ultimately drive their students to realize success in their future careers.

Outside of classroom hours, you will find our instructors available and happy to provide extra instruction, answer any additional questions you may have about your program, and provide tutoring to all students, going the extra mile to ensure that you succeed here at Ohio Technical College. In fact – even though the college doesn’t schedule any classes on Fridays – Instructors are here all day most every Friday to provide extra help on technical concepts or shop tasks. c Making sure you thoroughly understand the material and coursework is always our goal.

Even if you didn’t grow up with the familiar smells of an automotive shop, it’s never too late to start down the path to a career in the automotive industry. You can earn a diploma or associate degree in programs providing the comprehensive training you need to begin a career in automotive/diesel technician, motorcycle mechanic, or welder. Then, when the time comes, you too can share that knowledge with future generations of curious, eager minds in a garage or shop of your own!