Curriculum and Training Overview

Ohio Technical College Since 1969, we’ve been providing our students with comprehensive training and skills to start a career in the automotive industry. As automotive technology has changed and evolved, so have we, and we responded to this change by adding new coursework to our curriculum. The cars of today are not the same cars that our grandparents drove, but we here at Ohio Technical College teach our students how to approach both types of automobiles with the knowledge to assess and repair these vehicles with confidence.

No matter where your passion lies, we have classes for you to help you pursue your career goals. For those of you who have a dream of opening up your own autobody shop one day, we have offered ASE/NATEF accredited Collision Repair & Refinishing training. Not only will you learn damage analysis and welding, but we’ll also teach you how to paint and refinish the car once it’s fully repaired. If collision and repair aren’t your forte, though, then perhaps you might be more interested in our Classic Car Restoration Program. If a Ford Thunderbird makes your heart beat a little bit faster, then you don’t want to miss our comprehensive coursework that focuses on bringing classic cars back to their glory, including classes on upholstery, detailing, and refinishing.

We even offer a course dedicated to those who are passionate about race cars! Our Race Car Technician curriculum will teach you everything you need to know about high-performance vehicles, including building engines, chassis fabrication and welding, and even a section about motorsports management. Even those students who are looking for something a little bit tamer can find something here to engage them. You can learn how to be a professional Auto-Diesel Technician, an Automotive Technician, or a Welding Technician. Regardless of what career path you want to follow, you can learn the skills you need to land your dream job in the automotive industry when you study with us here at Ohio Technical College!