Bradley Bafford OTC’s February Student of the Month

OTC extends congratulations to AT-218’s Bradley Bafford as OTC’s February Student of the Month.

Bafford is a 2002 graduate of Glasgow High School, Glasgow, Missouri. He is a six year veteran of the United States Army and National Guard. While serving his country in the Infantry he was trying to figure out his life after his military service was complete. He knew he wanted to work with his hands, and enjoyed science, and liked to work on cars, so it seemed like a natural progression to head into the automotive field.

While a student here at OTC he has maintained 90% or higher on test scores and lab performance – placing him on OTC’s Honor Roll for five quarters. He will complete his training in June, but has already enrolled in OTC’s Classic Car Restoration program, and will begin his training there in July. He hopes to restore a friend’s 1978 Buick Electra Limited. “This thing is a beast and in bad shape, so it will be quite a challenge for me.”

Bafford is currently working at Montrose Volvo/Land Rover/Jaguar in Parma, Ohio. He initially was a little apprehensive working on such expensive vehicles, but now it is what he prefers. “The first time I ‘had’ to test drive a customer’s Maserati I was really nervous, but now it’s no big deal to get into a $175,000 vehicle to drive it and figure out what the problem is. I have a better appreciation for the engineering that goes into  high end vehicles.”

Congratulations Bradley.