Bernard Herman

It is always a pleasure seeing our alumni when they stop in to see how things have changed. Bernard Herman was in the Cleveland area for a family function over the weekend and stopped in on Monday to see where his career started. Herman is a 1984 graduate of Cleveland Heights High School. He moved to South Carolina right after high schoolBernard Herman and then moved back to Cleveland just 2 months before Hurricane Hugo decimated the east coast. He started his Ohio Diesel Tech training and 12-months later was on his way back to South Carolina for a job with Thermo-King. That was in 1991. Herman remembers his class size was small, about10 students. He remembers Mox Eggert and Bob Watt. He remembers jumpsuits and a shoulder patch that said “Attitude Basics.” Herman is now retired but enjoyed a successful career in automotive – diesel was a tougher job market in the 1900s than it is today. He was able to take the skills he learned in diesel and convert them to automotive, and also took advantage of his employers sending him for continued education training opportunities over the past 28-years.