Automotive alum working at Carvana

Carvana has been changing the way we shop and buy used cars since 2012. It opened one of its famous vending machines in NE Ohio in 2018 and continues to expand into new markets. What makes Carvana unique is that there is no retail outlets for customers to visit and test drive the car they are shopping for, everything is done online. Which also means no haggling with a salesperson over price. Once you decide on which car to buy and finalize the purchase, the car is delivered to your home or you can pick it up at the super cool vending machine. OTC alum Christopher Stroud AT-215/2015 is working at Carvana in Euclid as a Reconditioning Manager. He supervises 74 employees on a production line that prepares the cars for resale. “The objective is to get the cars cleaned up, fixed if necessary, photographed and online in 10-days or less,” says Stroud. The cars then stay at the Euclid location, which houses 3,000 vehicles, until it is sold. If you live locally the car can be delivered as soon as the next day. Stroud feels it is a privilege to work for Carvana and says, “our company culture is to work hard to meet goals, and not miss the production target, but to have fun doing it.” He was busy and not able to make OTC’s Spring Career Fair, but says if he was there he would tell current students, “be on time. There is no room for employees who aren’t on time and reliable. Give 100% of your efforts at work, and that will take you to the next level. Have a good attitude. Nothing brings down an entire group than one person with a bad attitude.”