OTC Automotive Training Students Hit Their Goal!

Five students from AT-226/227 have reached a goal they all set for themselves as soon as they started their Automotive training – to make it into the BMW STEP. They all knew about the elite training program and knew what it would take to make the cut – good grades, excellent attendance, and a clean driving record are just minimum requirements. These students will accept their diplomas and degrees in three weeks and then move forward with four more months of specialty training before heading out as BMW technicians.

From left to right:
Timothy Sidel AT-227, Shevon McPherson AT-226, Mitchell Chafe AT-226, Nathanael Naelitz AT-226, Brad Sirca AT-226.

What is the BMW STEP? This on-site, ASE/NATEF BMW automotive training program not only provides you with intensive training on standard and automatic transmissions, computer diagnostics, and fuel injection, but it also prepares you for the technological advancements BMW utilizes and a chance to create a track record with BMW.

The FastTrack program not only provides for several BMW certifications up to level 3, but it also allows a chance for advancement into the BMW ranks and experience working with some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the field. Completion of this program does not guarantee acceptance into STEP, but can provide the necessary preparation to be successful in BMW and meet your career objectives.

To learn more click here: BMW FAST TRACK