Another OTC Graduate with 8

The new phrase at OTC is “Graduate with 8”. The meaning behind it is for students to get the most of their education and apply themselves to get ASE certified with the goal of achieving eight certifications by graduation.

Ohio Tech expect students to achieve a higher level than just that of a basic automotive mechanic school, we strive to see our students achieve career success in a professional technician and that includes gaining many certifications and recognitions while in their program.  OTC places a high value on these certifications and will reimburse its students for any ASE certification tests taken and passed.

OTC’s Evor Kerr of THE AT207 automotive training class officially finished his training this week and has successfully passed his A1-A8 ASE certification tests. Evor started taking the tests back in March of this year and took his last one on July 21st.

He says the hardest one for him to pass was Engine Performance and the easiest one was Steering & Suspension.

OTC congratulates Evor on his successful completion of OTC’s Complete Automotive Technology program, his 8 ASE certifications, and being an outstanding student and role model while at Ohio Technical College. His presence will be missed.

We wish him the best of luck in his career as an automotive technician and openly welcome him and all of our August graduates, into the OTC Alumni family.

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