Andrew Seguin

Andrew SeguinIt’s been over three years since OTC graduate Andrew Seguin (DT-237/2015, GT-55/2016) was a student here. Seguin is a 2014 graduate of Royalton-Heartland High School, Middleport, NY. He enrolled in OTC’s Diesel Equipment Technology program, with his sights set on our Generator Power Systems training program. He worked with OTC’s Career Services department and secured a position with Nixon Power Services as a generator technician. He relocated to Louisville, KY after completing his generator training and has been there working and learning ever since. Seguin says the transition from classroom to real-world took a little adjustment, “there is only so much you can do in a classroom setting to simulate what it’s like in the field. Weather and other factors really change the parameters of your ability to do the job and do it safely.” John Thomas, Aftermarket Service Manager for Nixon Power Services, is here today looking to fill 2 positions in the Louisville area. “I’m looking for that person who is eager to work and learn and willing to relocate.” OTC is one of his favorite places to recruit based on the quality of graduates he’s already hired. “We have five OTC alumni with us now. They were all good recruits that have turned into great employees. Mox (Eggert) does a great job training and preparing them.”