Alumni Donates Tools

A HUGE Thank You! goes out to 2005 OTC alumni David Eaton for paying it forward in donating $7,000 worth of new tools to Ohio Technical College. The tools will be put to good use and given to a top student or students in future graduating classes. Eaton gives credit to OTC for his current success as the President of Dynamic Logistics, LCC out of Smithfield, North Carolina. Eaton is a graduate of OTC’s MT (Master Technician) class 104. He knows how important tools can be to the success of a technician who is just starting out. OTC’s Student Services department will keep the tools secure until they are presented to a qualified candidate. It is awesome alumni like Eaton who recognize how valuable their training was at OTC in showing their appreciation with this generous contribution. This will be an incredible gift to a future graduate from an individual who once walked in their shoes. It will also hopefully inspire the new owner to go beyond the minimum requirements and do great things in the industry.