40 Years and Counting

John Palcisko has been a consistent face on the OTC campus for 40 years! Palcisko started out as one of three diesel training program instructors in 1971 and taught Cummins and Detroit engines as well as fuel injection.

The entire technical training program at that time was 12 weeks long.  Palcisko has held every training and administrative position possible within the OTC organization over his 40 years here and he is currently the afternoon Director of Operations. He also oversees Skills USA  for both OTC and PSI on the regional, state and national levels.

He is amazed that over the course of 40 years OTC has elevated itself to the level of a college. “Back when it was just the three of us doing the training, I never would have thought it would become this big and have such an impact on so many lives.” Palcisko currently has no plans to retire. “For me, slowing down wouldn’t be good. I need to keep moving.”