Kourtney Peters Becomes Ohio Technical College’s January 2016 Student Of The Month

OTC congratulates High Performance & Racing student Kourtney Peters HP-13 as our Student of the Month! Peters is a 2010 graduate of Fort LeBoeuf High School, Waterford, PA. She started her academic career at a university studying accounting. “I used to help my mom with my dad’s business. I liked my high school business classes, so I thought accounting would be something I liked. I didn’t like it. I was miserable,” says Peters. At that time her brother was a student in OTC’s High Performance & Racing program and her father is an OTC Diesel graduate. “I obviously knew of the college, but it wasn’t until my brother encouraged me to come and visit the campus that I gave any serious thought to this industry as a career,” she says. “As soon as I stepped foot here I knew this was where I belonged.” Peters admits the decision to change her career path was easy, implementing all of the changes were overwhelming. “I’m so happy I kept with my decision to come here. With graduation just days away,  I’m hoping to land a position with Kalitta Motorsports in their chassis and fabrication shop.” As a student of the month Peters receives $100 Matco Tools gift certificate, $50 cash, $50 to OTC’s Campus Store, and an OTC jacket.