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Train to Become a BMW Mechanic

OTC is proud to host one of the few BMW-sponsored training programs in the USA:  BMW’s Service Technician Education Program (STEP for short). STEP can be thought of as “graduate school” for those students who have successfully completed a ASE Education Foundation (formerly NATEF)-certified automotive program, such as the Complete Automotive Technology and Auto Diesel Technology programs offered at OTC or similar programs at other schools.  For those that qualify for this elite program, BMW pays the cost of the training.  BMW technicians enjoy an outstanding earning potential and are in high demand across the country.

B M W S T E P Mechanic Training logos. Text on the image says The ultimate career path from the builder of the ultimate driving machine!

Located right on OTC’s campus (virtual tour here), the BMW STEP training program† has been and remains the most comprehensive BMW technician development program for the BMW Group.  STEP offers qualified students the opportunity to work on the most advanced cars on the road today!

16 Weeks* of Specialized Training

How Do I Apply?

You must be within 120 days of graduating from you prerequisite program to apply for STEP. You must also meet certain minimum qualifications as including: Attendance, GPA and driving record; Applicants may also be tested and will be interviewed to determine acceptance into the program.

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Contact Bonnie LaCorte today for detailed information:

Bonnie LaCorte: 
Telephone: 216-881-1700 ext. 139

† The STEP Program is provided by OTC personnel under contract with BMW North America, which determines the criteria for acceptance into the Program and other conditions.  This program is not part of OTC’s accreditation.

* Program time does not include the duration of the prerequisite program, which is typically 12-18 months.

June 2018 BMW STEP Graduates!