OTC Mobile Pay

OTC Mobile Pay Portal

Online payments towards a student account may be made online through OTC Mobile Pay at OTC Mobile PayStudents may sign in using their OTC username and password and authorize additional users to their account. Once logged in, users can see the current balance on a student’s account, a list of account activity, and have the opportunity to make either a one-time payment or set up a monthly payment plan.

Register Your Account-First Time User

  • To register your online payment account for the first time, click on the Register button on the login page for your academic institution.
  • Enter your Student ID and click Proceed with New User Registration.
    (If you do not have your Student ID, please reach out to your academic institution and ask for this information)

Please Note: If your Student ID is 00123-4567, only enter 1234567. Do not enter the lead zeros or dashes.

  • Once the account has been located, enter the required fields if not already populated (Name, Address, Phone, Email) and Submit Registration.
  • Once registered, Create a password and hit Save

Please note: Passwords must:
· Contain between 8 – 20 characters.
· Begin with a letter or number.
· Include at least 1 UPPERCASE letter.
· Include at least 1 lowercase letter.
· Include at least 1 number.
· Include at least one of the following allowable special characters: #, $, @, _!. Other special characters are not permitted for security reasons.

  • Once the account is successfully registered, you will be taken to the payment portal, where you can make a one-time payment, make recurring AutoPays, view payment history, and more.