Alumni Testimonials

Two students in the classroom shop posing for the camera.

Shevon McPherson
Shevon McPherson – Springfield, VA – BMW STEP

BMW STEP was my ultimate goal when I enrolled in the Automotive program. 18 months of training passed very quickly and missing even a day or two is a setback. If you commit to a goal do everything in your power to maintain the discipline to reach it. Now I’m working as a BMW technician and happy that I made the choices I did to reach this level of professionalism.

Michael Di Renzo
Michael DiRenzo – Springfield, VA – Rod & Custom Technology

The size of Cleveland initially had me nervous thinking I would get lost after moving there. I surprised myself at how quickly I was able to get around and find new places. I made sure I was 100% committed before day one. I didn’t want any excuses for missing a day of class or not being prepared for the work force after graduation.

Chimezie Ottih Vincent
Ottih Chimezie – Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Africa – Welding & Fabrication Technology

Being from Nigeria, Africa didn’t deter me from my desire to become a welder. I earned 8 AWS Welding certifications, 4 honor rolls and perfect attendance. I also graduated with a 4.0 GPA in my Associate classes. The only barriers in life are the ones you put in front of you.

Steve McBride
Steve McBride Jr. – Chardon, OH -High Performance & Racing Technology

I came to OTC just weeks after I graduated from high school. I knew I wanted to get started right away to be able to work as a crew member of a professional race team. Most successful graduates will tell you it’s about what you put into your training that leads to what you gain from it. I’m now working with Kalitta Motorsports and living the dream everyday.

Christina Zito
Christina Zito – Brewster, NY -Classic Car Restoration Technology

The Classic Car Restoration program at OTC was what drew me to Cleveland. I had earned some scholarships through Skills USA and I could have gone anywhere, but OTC had the program I wanted. I added on the Custom Paint program after my Restoration training and feel my skill sets are on par with industry expectations.

Jessica Parchment
Jessica Parment – Mayville, NY – Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology

City life was so outside of what I knew. I’m from a small town in New York. Making the decision to attend OTC and relocate here was a huge commitment and adjustment. Once my surroundings became more familiar and comfortable I had no problem with putting everything into my training. I graduated at the top of my collision class and earned 2 ASE’s and a 4.0 in my academic classes.

Baker Hess Dakota
Dakota Hess Baker – Shohola, PA – Diesel Equipment Technology

I knew once I toured OTC for the first time I wanted to continue my Diesel training with Power Generators. I worked and studied hard and graduated with 6 honor rolls and 18 months of Perfect Attendance. I took Power Generators and secured a great job with an excellent company at twenty years old.

Joe Mayers
Joe Mayers – Sussex, NJ – Auto-Diesel Technology

I am not the same person I was in high school. I am better. I didn’t do more than the minimum required of me to graduate from high school. I knew once I got to OTC I wanted to be better and do more. I became a campus tour guide. I joined Student Leadership and was more involved in OTC events and I met a lot of great people. I graduated with 6 Honor Rolls and Perfect Attendance. My OTC experience landed me a great job before I graduated.

Duane Smith Jr
Duane Smith Jr. – Cleveland, OH – Automotive Technology

I immediately knew OTC was the place for me. I made life-long friends. I became a campus tour guide and met a lot of great people. After graduation I got a fantastic job I love. 18 months may seem like a long time, but the time flies.