Ohio Technical College Announces December 2018 Instructor of the Month

Congratulations to our December 2018 Instructor of the Month! Automotive instructor Ken Schade has been with OTC since 2006, and has 36-years of industry experience. He was known as the transmission instructor, but is qualified to teach many different modules. Recently, Schade moved into teaching the electrical module – which is typically the most difficult for new students to comprehend. It takes a lot of patience and repetitive explanation for students to understand and pass these difficult 6-weeks. Students nominate instructors based on many different criteria. Some of the comments students made about Schade were his willingness to go above and beyond the classroom. He identifies early those students who are struggling and works hard to help them pass. He balances shop and classroom time well, so students don’t get bogged down with too much lecture or don’t have enough time to complete hands-on tasks. We are only as strong as our instructors, and OTC is fortunate to have so many experienced professionals eager to train a new generation of qualified technicians.