Ohio Technical College Announces April 2019 Student of the Month

Diesel student Samuel Kellogg is not one to relish the attention Student of the Month status gives him. He prefers to work quietly and do a good job – because that’s who he is. Who he is and how he has excelled is exactly what got him noticed. Kellogg is always willing to help out his classmates. He has already finished his Associate coursework, and just missed an academic 4.0 GPA – receiving a B in one of his classes. His current technical GPA is over 3.6%, with 8 more months still to complete, he’s set a solid foundation for his future success. Kellogg is currently working 30-hours a week between 2 part-time jobs – Auto Zone & Industrial Hydraulic. He has maintained perfect attendance and Honor Roll. He chose OTC’s diesel program due to his prior training and knowledge from Ellicottville BOCES and the length of OTC’s program. “I was able to get my Associate Degree and Diesel training done in 18-months. I want to get out and work as quickly as possible.” Kellogg plans on staying in the Cleveland area, as job opportunities back in his hometown are not as plentiful as they are here. At OTC’s Spring career fair, Kellogg spoke to several local employers and sees a bright future ahead for him.