Strong Resume
The Best Practices for Writing a Strong Resume

Graduating from Ohio Technical College is going to be one of the proudest days of your life; during your time here, you’ll have developed the skills and knowledge to land a solid career in your field of choice. However, despite possessing the necessary training and certifications, without a solid resume, you may struggle to get […]

OTC Congratulation
3 Reasons to Choose Ohio Technical College to Train for Your Career

The transportation repair industry is going through a boom, and the skill and experience that you can get from automotive and diesel technical schools are in high demand. We here at Ohio Technical College provide our students with the hands-on expertise to help them land a job after graduation, making the choice of a career […]

happy students
3 Studying Tips to Ensure Academic Success

While some people are natural students and seem to have a knack for studying, others seem to struggle when it comes to cracking open a textbook and sitting down to focus on their academics. If you’re part of the first group, then congratulations! However, if you’re more of the second group, keep reading to pick […]

when I grow up
When I Grow Up – Student Potential Discovery

Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up and you’ll receive a variety of answers: firefighter, doctor, astronaut, teacher, superhero. But what about those of us who have struggled throughout our lives trying to find our calling: the career path that would be both satisfying and help us pay the bills? […]

BMW STEP Program
Landing a Job with BMW after Graduating from Ohio Technical College

Few automotive manufacturer brands have the same prestige as BMW does, and we’re proud to be one of just a few colleges in the nation to provide our students with the chance to work for this highly respected organization. BMWs are highly complex, with unique parts that require a special type of service to ensure […]

Ohio Technical College
Curriculum and Training Overview

Since 1969, we’ve been providing our students with comprehensive training and skills to start a career in the automotive industry. As automotive technology has changed and evolved, so have we, and we responded to this change by adding new coursework to our curriculum. The cars of today are not the same cars that our grandparents […]

Students working on a diesel system.
3 Things We Wished We Knew Before We Started Teaching

The instructors here at Ohio Technical College are masters in their field, coming from a diverse background and a variety of areas of automotive technology. Not only do most of them hold advanced degrees, they also have years of real-world experience to back them up. However, despite being fountains of seemingly endless knowledge, there are […]

Three Main Keys to Academic Success at Ohio Technical College

You’ve been accepted to start your next semester here with us at Ohio Technical College, you’ve chosen your program, worked out your housing and/or transportation, and you’re ready to start classes. Before you know it, you’ll be a graduate with a world of job opportunities at your fingertips. However, just because you have your foot […]