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Dean Bowers Dec. 2019
Ohio Technical College Announces December 2019 Instructor of the Month

OTC recognizes Dean Bowers as the newest Instructor of the Month. Bowers has been an instructor with OTC since 2014. His extensive knowledge of electrical, advanced electrical and diesel engines makes him a versatile instructor for our Automotive, Auto-Diesel and Diesel students. His passion for the industry and his dedication to our students is unparalleled. […]

John Nichols
Making Decisions John Nichols
Milan Draganic Dec. 2019
Ohio Technical College Announces December 2019 Student of the Month

Welding student Milan Draganic is OTC’s newest Student of the Month. Draganic is a 2017 graduate of Normandy High School. He is two months away from completing his 12-month welding program at OTC and is looking forward to a long-term career in the welding industry. He has earned two honor rolls, maintaining 90% or higher […]

John G. Oct. 2019
Ohio Technical College Announces October 2019 Instructor of the Month

On campus, he’s affectionately known as “G”.  Automotive instructor John Gendrich has been teaching students at OTC for over 19 years. He is a graduate of Ohio Technical College (1976) and has over 42 years of industry related experience. He is a student favorite among our Automotive and Auto-Diesel instructors. It is no wonder he […]

J Smith Oct. 2019
Ohio Technical College Announces October 2019 Student of the Month

It takes commitment and dedication to drive an hour one way (on a good traffic day) to make it to school on time, every day – and never miss a single day of training! Add onto that, the responsibility of picking up a classmate who suddenly lost his transportation. Along with Perfect Attendance, Joseph has […]

Brian Akens
Ohio Technical College Announces September 2019 Instructor of the Month

OTC Automotive instructor, Brian Akens, spent 25 years working on transmissions. When he first started out at age 17, there were 125 different units, today there are over 2,500 different types of transmissions. His vast knowledge on this integral part of an automobile makes him a student favorite and our newest Instructor of the Month! […]


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