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Covid Update

To all students, employees and visitors, Ohio Technical College has amending its policy on required masks (face shields) effective July 6th 2021.  For all non-vaccinated staff and students masks are required and is optional for vaccinated staff, students and visitors to the campus.   This policy will be on the honor system and no one […]

Jayde Schuler September 2020
Ohio Technical College Announces September 2020 Student of the Month

OTC is proud to announce our newest Student of the Month! OTC announced this on Facebook live last week, surprising Jayde Schuler (WT-75) while she was in class. Schuler is a 2019 graduate of Crestwood High School, Mountain Top, PA. She started her OTC welding training in July 2019 and was set to graduate in […]

Coronavirus Status at OTC

TO: All Ohio Technical College Students, Staff, Visitors and their Families Update: July 6, 2021 Ohio Technical College has amended its policy on required masks.  For all non-vaccinated staff and students masks will still be required. Masking is optional for vaccinated staff and students. This amended policy is also in effect for visitors to our […]

Carina Ramos Martinez Jan. 2020
Ohio Technical College Announces January 2020 Student of the Month

Auto-Diesel dynamo Carina Ramos-Martinez (AD-296) is our newest Student of the Month. She began her training in August, and from day-one has proven she is here to be the best. Her discipline and determination show in her current outstanding technical and academic GPA’s. She has never missed a day of her training and is a […]

Sarah Mancini Jan. 2020
Ohio Technical College Announces January 2020 Employee of the Month

Ohio Technical College inaugural Employee of the Month kicked off this month, and we are pleased to announce the winner: Sarah Mancini! Sarah works tirelessly managing her time between both the Student Records and Finance department responsibilities. The two departments are closely related and vital for both students and administration. As part of her nomination […]

Dean Bowers Dec. 2019
Ohio Technical College Announces December 2019 Instructor of the Month

OTC recognizes Dean Bowers as the newest Instructor of the Month. Bowers has been an instructor with OTC since 2014. His extensive knowledge of electrical, advanced electrical and diesel engines makes him a versatile instructor for our Automotive, Auto-Diesel and Diesel students. His passion for the industry and his dedication to our students is unparalleled. […]


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