Career Services

Career Services

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Our goal is for all students to graduate and begin rewarding careers in fields they enjoy.  Career Services helps make connections between graduates and employers and also serves as a bridge to the over 12,000 alumni of Ohio Tech.

Job Placement

Ohio Technical College offers career placement assistance to students and alumni of our training programs. While we cannot guaranty any particular placement, location or compensation, our process is designed to get you the best position to make the most of your energy and abilities.

Prior to graduation, each student receives training in the following job-seeking skills:

  • Employer research
  • Resume writing
  • Communicating with potential employers
  • Interviewing skills and after-interview follow-up

After creating self-developed leads and then combining these with referrals from the Career Services , students can contact the companies to schedule interviews. It is through such interviews that students receive job offers that lead to employment.

On-Site Recruiting Visits

Employers from all over the United States visit the college on a regular basis with the intention of interviewing  and often hiring soon-to-be graduates.  Participating companies present students with career opportunities in the field and provide information on the compensation and benefits   their company offers.  This recruiting is done right on campus grounds and affords students who are interested an opportunity to discuss career possibilities with a company representative.

Career Fairs

The college hosts multiple on-campus career fairs each year with the participation of local, regional and national employers.  Career Fairs offer students exposure to a wide variety of potential employers in a concentrated period of time, and are open to all students, even those who have just started their programs.   Many of these employers provide tuition reimbursement plans, scholarship opportunities, and other benefits to assist with the cost of a student’s education.

Part-Time Job Assistance

We understand that a large number of our students need to work in order to afford their education and living expenses while attending.  Career Services maintains a substantial, and continually updated list of local part-time and full-time job opportunities and will assist students in contacting these companies as well as with resume writing, interviewing techniques and more.

Calling All Employers!

We prepare our students to step right from graduation into the workforce, with the knowledge and skills to make an impact in your company. If you are in need of skilled and well-trained technicians, consider us a professional option in your search. Submit your information and we will evaluate which trained graduate technicians will best meet your specific needs.   You may email your information to Career Services at or call 216-881-1700 and ask for Career Services.

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Contact Career Services Today

For Ohio Technical College Students & PowerSport Institute Students:
If you are not working or looking for a change, email your information to Career Services ( or call our Career Services Department at 216-881-1700, extension 145.

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