Employer Expectations For Auto Technicians

Auto TechniciansGetting a job is only part of the equation; holding it down is a whole other animal! No matter how skilled and educated you are, losing a job can be a devastating and unfortunate repercussion from not fully understanding your employer’s expectations and following through on them. Knowing your employer’s demands, and meeting them, can help ensure your job security for the long term.

1) Dependability
This is probably one of the most vital things that an employer looks for when hiring a new employee. It doesn’t matter if you do your job well if you’re never there. Being reliable and dependable can go a long way with helping earn your employer’s favor.

2) Cooperation
Nobody likes workplace drama. You’re not showing up to work to make best friends, and you’re also not there to pick fights. Focus on doing your work and getting along with your coworkers to help avoid any unwanted conflict and strain on your job.

3) A Positive Attitude
Just like cooperation and reliability are important, so is having a good attitude. If your boss tells you to do something, you don’t have to fire off a snappy salute before breaking out into a cheerful whistling tune. However, you also want to avoid snarling or whining or implying that your workload is unfair. A good attitude can take you far at your place of employment.

4) Self-Motivation
You know what to do when you show up to work. Your boss doesn’t need to hold your hand and constantly remind you of your duties. A can-do attitude and being self-motivated is key to success in any job.

5) Honesty
Nobody likes unexpected workplace mishaps, but if they happen, then you must be honest about it. If you saw someone behaving dangerously or unprofessionally, don’t try to conceal it or lie about it. And if you’re responsible for the problem, it’s best to confess right away and try to fix it instead of ducking responsibility. Even if you don’t get caught right away, once your boss finds out you lied, their trust in you will be reduced to zero.

Anticipating what your employer expects from you can help keep your job comfortable with smooth sailing. Of course, you should never break the law for your boss, or even sacrifice your health or well-being for a job. However, meeting your employer’s expectations can help you have a long-lasting and happy career in the automotive industry!