OTC HP Student Works Side By Side with Kalitta Racing Team at NHRA

  Ohio Technical College’s High Performance & Racing student Shawn Robinson was one of two HP students selected to work alongside Kalitta racing professionals at the NHRA Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park June 23-25th. He’s back after his “amazing” experience and more determined than ever this is his career path. Robinson credits his participation with

OTC Student Earns 8th ASE Automotive Certification

Congratulations to OTC Automotive student William Gath who has successfully passed his 8th ASE Automotive certification test achieving Master status! Since the inception of the ASE student lead workshops a little over a year ago there has been a visible uptick on campus in the number of students taking their ASE certification tests – and

OTC Automotive Training Students Hit Their Goal!

Five students from AT-226/227 have reached a goal they all set for themselves as soon as they started their Automotive training – to make it into the BMW STEP. They all knew about the elite training program and knew what it would take to make the cut – good grades, excellent attendance, and a clean

OTC Students Are Now The Newest Members Of Peak Power Corporation

OTC congratulates Dakota Hess-Baker and Joe Mayers as the newest members of Peak Power Corporation. Hess-Baker and Mayers are current Power Generator students and will start their employment the second week of April – shortly after completing their generator training March 24th. Peak Power has generously agreed to pay for both students generator training and

BMW “STEP Brothers” Graduate

BMW STEP graduate Ricardo Mojica-Morales coined a new phrase, ‘STEP Brothers’, as he addressed his classmates and guests attending Friday’s BMW STEP graduation ceremony. All seven of the graduates today earned perfect attendance honors and Theodore Knisely earned the highest GPA in the class. Knisely is headed to Atlanta, Georgia to work for Global Imports,

Jason Johndro Moves into OTC’s BMW Training Program

OTC welcomes automotive instructor Jason Johndro into our BMW STEP training program. Mr. Johndro came to OTC as an automotive training instructor in June of 2014. He was an immediate student favorite. “I think I am able to connect with my students through life experience as well as positive reinforcement. I like my teaching style to

Nigerian Born Oje Adebo Living His Dream

As Americans we enjoy a lot of opportunities and advantages people living in other countries don’t have. Nigerian born Oje Adebo knew he could have a better life in his home country of Africa if he could get the right training. “Where I live there are a lot of cars, mostly American, but not a