Welcome, Ohio Technical College Alumni!

Stay connected, engaged and enriched no matter how many miles separate you from Ohio Technical College. Here you can reconnect with former classmates, explore career options and share your latest news.

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Our goal is for all students to graduate and begin successful careers they enjoy and are well-rewarded for. Career Services is the key bridge between our students, our alumni, and current and potential employers.

What we offer our Alumni:

Career Placement:

Ohio Technical College offers career placement assistance to students and alumni of our training programs. Common sense and Ohio state law specifically prohibit the guarantee of any kind of employment. However, our placement process is designed to make the most of your energy and abilities.

Need to refreshing up your job searching skills? Ohio Technical College Career Placement can help with:

  • Employer research
  • Resume writing
  • Communicating with potential employers
  • Interviewing skills and after-interview follow-up

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Refresher Courses:

Ohio Technical College has on-going refresher courses for OTC and PSI Alumni.

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