Ohio Tech September 2014 Student of the Month

Ohio Technical College wishes to congratulate Alexander Kump as our September 2014 Student of the Month.

OTC’s Diesel Department has done it again in producing a student with the qualities and professionalism needed to earn this top honor.

Alexander Kump of DT235 is a 2012 graduate of Nordonia High School, Macedonia, Ohio. He says his biggest regret while in high school was not taking advantage of the career training.

“I geared most of my high school life around academics, but I really prefer working with my hands.”

He even tried the traditional college route after his high school graduation, but knew immediately it wasn’t for him. “I was enrolled to take Mechanical Engineering, but I’m not a desk guy. I want to be moving and knew this wasn’t for me.” Kump’s father has been working in the diesel and heavy equipment industry all his life, so Alex knew what he was getting into enrolling at Ohio Technical College in the Diesel training program.

Kump says his most challenging module has been Drive Train 1, and his is most looking forward to the HVAC module.

His best advice for current or future OTC students is to, “Ask a lot of questions and show up every day with a mindset to learn.” He follows his own advice by maintaining a 94.44% GPA and has only missed one day of training due to a funeral. Kump will complete his diesel training in June2015. He hopes to continue with power generator training before determining his career path. “Right now I’m thinking it will be generators, but who knows what will happen.”


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