3 Studying Tips to Ensure Academic Success

happy studentsWhile some people are natural students and seem to have a knack for studying, others seem to struggle when it comes to cracking open a textbook and sitting down to focus on their academics. If you’re part of the first group, then congratulations! However, if you’re more of the second group, keep reading to pick up some important study tips to help ensure your academic success in the future here at Ohio Technical College.

1) Take good notes.
A successful studying session starts with good notes. Sure, you can always open your textbook to find the information you need, but most of the time you’ll find more specific information in your own handwritten notes.

2) Review the material often.
In other words, don’t cram the night before! Review your notes the same day you take them, or within 24 hours of writing them down. That helps solidify it in your memory. Get reacquainted with it often, and of course, make sure you review them thoroughly both the night before and the same day of your exam!

3) Avoid distractions.
This means turning off the TV and finding a quiet place to review your notes. Don’t try to study in a busy café, for instance, or when you’re trying to socialize with friends. On the other hand, if music helps you study, by all means, slip in your earbuds. On that same note, make sure you have everything that you need close by to avoid interruptions in your studying. This includes all of your notes, something to write with, and if you’re a snacker, a small plate of your favorite studying foods to help keep you focused.

Some people study better in groups, so if you’re that type of person, enlist a group of your classmates to go over your notes with you. If you study better alone, then it may be better to find a quiet place to study, though. No matter how you study, if you follow these tips, you’ll be better prepared next time an exam comes around!

Reaching your full potential is a key component of the American Dream – landing your ideal career, in an industry that makes you feel fulfilled, is the goal of almost every single person. What if you could find a job that not only you love, but also provides a nice paycheck and job security?

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Having the knowledge, skill, and the certifications that you can earn from an education here at Ohio Technical College can make all the difference in your earning potential. For instance, automotive mechanics can earn anywhere between $20,000 per year to greater than $60,000 annually. The more education you have, the greater your income will be. According to a recent study from the Pew Research Center, college graduates earn an average of $17,000 more per year, nearly a cool million dollars over their lifetime!

If you’re wondering how much you can earn with your education here at Ohio Technical College, take a look at some of these numbers:
• A skilled welder who obtains their certification in Welding & Fabrication Technology Program can earn an average of $41,000 annually.
• Graduates of the Complete Automotive Technology Program earn an average of $39,000 annually.
• A diesel mechanic who completes our Diesel Equipment Technology Program can expect to make $52,000 each year.
• By taking our High Performance & Racing Technology Program [or is it Powersport Technician/Specialist classes, you can average around $40,000 annually, but some people earn over $100,000 each year in this field.

Choosing an area of study at Ohio Technical College is as easy as asking yourself where your passions lie. Do you dream of designing your own custom street rod building it from the ground up? Then you may be a good candidate for our Rod & Custom Technology Program. If you are looking for skills that allow you to work virtually anywhere in the country (or the world), Welding & Fabrication Technology grads are in demand everywhere. If you dream of restoring classic vehicles using real metalworking and finishing techniques, no further than our Classic Car Restoration Technology Program. If you’ve always dreamed of opening your own collision or auto body shop, then why not check out our Collision Repair & Finishing Technology Program?

No matter what you want to do in the transportation, powersport or welding industries, we have a program for you, and most can be completed within a year to a year and a half! To learn more about how you can launch your career in this rapidly growing industry, reach out to an OTC Admissions Advisor today at 1-800-322-7000.