11 OTC Auto-Diesel Students Pass the Universal Certification

Ohio Technical College congratulates eleven students in Auto-Diesel class 275 for not only passing their MACS 609 certification test, but also passing their EPA 608 certification test with the highest possible level of certification – Universal Certification. Universal status means they are certified on all three levels and can work on very small to very large units that contain refrigerant. This Auto Diesel class is not new to success. Many of the students in this class have multiple ASE’s and seven are OTC Student Leaders. There will be many individual stand outs from this class alone when they graduate in February 2017.

For any student to achieve Universal level of certification they must pass three individual level tests. Level 1 is for small appliances that contain 5 pounds or less of refrigerant, such as refrigerators, water coolers, window air conditioners etc. Level 2 is for medium, high and very high pressure appliances which are installed on site refrigeration units that must be charged with refrigerant to work – like, they reach in and walk in coolers and freezers, split system air conditioning units, and roof top A/C units. What is especially important to these students is Type 2 Certification is required to service Transport Refrigeration Units – the units that cool down or freeze products that are transported in refrigerated trailers. Level 3 is for low pressure appliances. These units are large chillier air conditioning units that cool water down that is used in the air conditioning units of large buildings, arenas and stadiums.