BMW “STEP Brothers” Graduate

BMW STEP graduate Ricardo Mojica-Morales coined a new phrase, ‘STEP Brothers’, as he addressed his classmates and guests attending Friday’s BMW STEP graduation ceremony.

All seven of the graduates today earned perfect attendance honors and Theodore Knisely earned the highest GPA in the class. Knisely is headed to Atlanta, Georgia to work for Global Imports, one of the biggest BMW dealers in Georgia.

David Gissiner leaves Tuesday to drive out to Bend, Oregon where he will b…e working.

Brian Jarquin is headed to P & W BMW in Pittsburgh, PA. Nurettin Ozgur will be setting up shop at Rallye BMW, Westbury, New York. Rallye is the only auto group on Long Island representing all four top luxury automotive brands: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, and Acura.

Richard Mojica-Moreales and Jose Zavala will be working at Dave Walter BMW, Akron, Ohio.

Arthur Cann has been to Savannah, Georgia and interviewed with Critz BMW and he is waiting to hear back.

Congratulations to all of our STEP graduates!

Jason Johndro Moves into OTC’s BMW Training Program

OTC welcomes automotive instructor Jason Johndro into our BMW STEP training program.

Mr. Johndro came to OTC as an automotive training instructor in June of 2014. He was an immediate student favorite. “I think I am able to connect with my students through life experience as well as positive reinforcement. I like my teaching style to be more like a coach. We are all here for the same reasons, and that is to be successful, however I can help students to achieve their goals, I will,” says Johndro.

Johndro was an ASE Master Certified Technician and worked in the auto industry for many years.

In his new role as an instructor for the BMW training program, Johndro will be helping students achieve their dreams as a BMW technician.  OTC offers students two different BMW programs: BMW STEP and BMW Fast Track right on the OTC campus.

Congratulations to Jason in his new role.

Student Leaders in New BMW STEP Class

Soon to be OTC graduates have been notified they qualified for the May BMW STEP Training Class. Three of those who are accepting the opportunity for additional training are three founding members of the OTC Leadership Council.

Andrew Olley AT215, Patrick Healy AT216, and Christopher Stroud AT215 will graduate from their automotive training program in March. A total of 15 students will be in the May STEP class.


Congratulations to OH-22 BMW STEP Program Graduates

OTC wishes to congratulate our BMW STEP graduates who completed their BMW STEP training program and graduated on Friday, December 19th.

The ten graduates from OH22 all have job commitments with BMW dealerships, with many of them reporting to their new jobs as soon as today.

Ala Tabel, a 2007 North Royalton High School graduate is heading off to a Texas BMW dealership with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law. Tyler Stabell from Lagrangerville, New York was chosen to speak on behalf of the class and is heading to beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Classmate Stephen Plaster from Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania earned the highest GPA in the class, and was awarded the class Citizenship Award.

BMW STEP training in Ohio Tech is an additional six months of specialized training after our Automotive training program, Auto-Diesel training program or our High Performance and Racing training program is completed. This is an intense five day-a-week full-time training commitment. Many students hope to make into the program, only the best and most dedicated will get here and complete it.

The entire OTC family wishes our graduates the best of success in their future.

OTC Welcome Next BMW STEP Training Class

Ohio Technical College welcomes the newest BMW STEP training class to campus. Ohio Technical College is home to one of the select few BMW STEP training programs in the country and has been a proud partner of BMW NA since 1999.

These students will spend six months of automotive training on advanced BMW vehicles with specialized tools and software.

OH22 is comprised of 10 students who have successfully completed an automotive or auto-diesel training program at Ohio Tech or another automotive technical school.

OH22 is scheduled to graduate December 19, 2014. We wish these students the best of luck and success as they work towards their career goals and becoming elite technicians.

Ohio Tech BMW Program Welcomes New Vehicles

Ohio Technical College’s BMW STEP and Fast Track training facility has received two new vehicles for students to train on.

The F06 640 Gran Coupe retails at $85,800 and is designed as an executive level vehicle. It has the latest in Xdrive software upgrades and of course lots and lots of electrical challenges for students to map and master.

The 4 Series F33 Convertible is more affordable at $63,500 and as always, the convertibles are brought in mostly for the roof retraction hardware. BMW sells a fair number of convertibles and being able to service and repair them is a top priority. Both vehicles are added into a fleet of about 30 BMW’s ranging from the 3 series up to the ultra expensive 7 series.

Located right on OTC’s campus, the BMW STEP and Fast Track training programs have been and remain the most comprehensive BMW technician development program for the BMW Group.  OTC welcomed a new BMW STEP training class on Monday, and we will be following OH22 until their graduation day in January 2015.

Congratulations to Ohio Tech’s Latest BMW STEP Class

Ohio Technical College wishes to congratulate the BMW STEP Class OH21 on their successful completion of the program. Fourteen students received their certificates today and all but two so far have already secured positions in BMW dealerships. The two students are still interviewing and will more than likely make a commitment by the end of next week.

One graduate is heading off to Colorado, while several others will be heading to Columbus, Ohio, Akron, Ohio and Cordova, Tennessee.

Representatives from BMW North American were on hand to offer their congratulations and encouragement letting graduates know that the education process is not over now that they are working in a BMW dealership.

The BMW STEP program is currently a six month addition for students who have completed  the automotive, auto-diesel, or high performance programs. Acceptance into the program requires excellent grades, attendance and a near spotless driving record – along with passing multiple interviews and a series of technical tests.

Ohio Technical College has been a partner with BMW since 1999 and offers its BMW STEP training program twice a year.

Congratulations to all the graduates and best wishes in the future!