Ohio Tech Owner/CEO Marc Brenner Passes

Ohio Technical College Owner and President, Marc Brenner passed away today at the age of 68.  He changed the lives of tens of thousands of students and hundreds of individuals whom he employed.  He and his father, Julius, started Ohio Technical College in 1969.   An “idea” which began with six students on the 2nd floor of a warehouse building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio has grown to be one of the largest and most respected technical training institutions in the United States with a current enrollment of 1400+ students.  Marc and his father were innovators who changed the landscape of technical training and education.  Marc’s creative abilities and enduring drive resulted in Ohio Technical College being considered by many as the “Harvard of Technical Schools”, and with Marc receiving numerous recognitions and awards.

Marc was very well known throughout the nation due to his endless work within the private school industry and served in several major organizations.  He was named “ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR” in Northeast Ohio in 2013 and Marc and his family received the Ohio “FAMILY BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT” award in 2015.  He was an enthusiastic Cleveland sports fan and avid theater buff.

Marc was a most generous individual who, over many years, contributed and supported numerous agencies and individuals.  Marc embraced life and attempted to savor every second of his fulfilling and remarkable journey.  Marc was an extremely intelligent and articulate dreamer and visionary, and didn’t hesitate in reminding people to “not be in a hurry to flip the pages of life to see what lies ahead,  as it will arrive much sooner than you could ever imagine.”  He was a very tough and successful business man who commanded and received tremendous loyalty from his employees, students and Partners in Education.

The entire Brenner family want to thank everyone for the love, support, and deep friendship given to Marc over his lifetime and promises to continue his legacy by working to make Ohio Technical College the top technical college in the nation.

Bill Hantl has been appointed President of Ohio Technical College

Bill Hantl has been appointed as the new President of the Ohio Technical College (OTC), one of the premier technical training colleges in the country.

“Bill is a respected and effective leader with impressive accomplishments that closely align with OTC’s values,” CEO Marc Brenner, says. “I am confident in Mr. Hantl’s ability to lead the school and continue the vision we have set forth.”

Mr.  Hantl has provided leadership in the growth of Ohio Technical College for over six years, in which he has served in several roles.  In 2010 Hantl was part of Ohio Technical College’s Curriculum and Training departments until he was named Director of Training in 2012.  Prior to joining Ohio Technical College,  Mr. Hantl was a successful business owner for thirty-one years.

“I have experienced firsthand the power of a great technical education,” Hantl says. “With its profound impact on students’ lives and I look forward to continuing the great work started by the Brenner family.”

Current President, Marc Brenner will remain as CEO and help to guide the college.   Mr. Hantl will be joined by a new management team to assist in OTC’s mission and goals.

PSI Welcomes New Instructor: Stephen Holmes

Stephen Holmes brings 15 years of motorcycle industry experience to PSI as their newest instructor. He is currently teaching a new class on the metric side the importance of fuel systems, but his first love and wealth of experience lies with American V-Twin. Holmes has been living in Arizona for the past several years, but is originally from the Canton, Ohio area. “I met Bernie Thompson back in 2012. I interviewed for a position at PSI then, but it wasn’t the right time for me,” says Holmes. Now this is a perfect fit and Holmes is prepared for the challenges the classroom has for him.

PowerSport Institute will receive the 2014-2015 ACCSC School of Excellence Award in September!

The PowerSport Institute is proud to announce that it will receive the 2014-2015 ACCSC School of Excellence Award! The ACCSC School of Excellence award recognizes schools for their commitment to the expectations and rigors of ACCSC accreditation, as well as efforts in maintaining high-levels of achievement among their students. In order to be eligible for this award, PSI had to meet all the criteria established by the Commission for its School of Distinction Award and a majority of the PSI’s graduation and employment rates from all programs offered by PSI had to meet or exceed the average rates of graduation and employment among all ACCSC-accredited institutions.

As a School of Excellence, the PowerSport Institute will be honored throughout the 2015 ACCSC Professional Development Conference (PDC).  The PDC will be held September 9-11, 2015, just outside Washington in Arlington, Virginia.  The theme of the conference, “A Community of Partners in Education” will highlight the focus for the conference: building partnerships within the higher education community. The PowerSport Institute will be presented with the Award Ceremony during the Welcome Reception on Wednesday, September 9th, at 5:00pm.

For more information about the ACCSC’s Standards of Accrediation and the accreditation process click here: ACCSC Standards of Accreditation website

Director of Welding, Ron Davis, is retiring!

After 12 years of service to Ohio Technical College, OTC’s current Director of Welding, Ron Davis, is retiring. Ron has been responsible for three different departments throughout his career at OTC; Restoration, Collision and now Welding. He has been a positive and fair influence on many students who have passed through our doors and kept them on track to graduate as a professional. His last day at OTC is Friday, but the morning welding students assembled in a surprise send off, many shaking his hand and thanking him for his service to OTC and his dedication to the industry. Ron and his wife have plans to relocate and enjoy retirement. Greg Bieniecki will take over as the new Director of OTC’s Welding program and has been a welding instructor here for four years.

How To Choose A Career Technical College

Ohio Technical College logo

Automotive, Diesel, Collision and Welding programs are designed to offer students the necessary training to pursue a career as a professional technician.  In most cases. However, there are many different choices for education out there and the outcomes can vary wildly.

There are a few for-profit online colleges that offer certificate and diploma programs and some offer a full associate degree.  In addition, a number of community colleges also offer programs for automotive or diesel mechanics wishing to advance their knowledge.


  • Hands-on Training
  • Specialty Training & Associate Degrees
  • Manufacturer Partners
  • Certifications & Recognitions
  • Career Placement

Hands-on Training

Because of the hands-on nature of specialty trades, students will want to look for programs that require them to complete hands-on practical exercises and tasks in a service environment. Hands-on training will provide more real world experience if done on actual cars and not on clip cars, training simulators or on student’s own cars in a hobby-type program.

Specialty Training & Associate Degrees

Technician training should include a focus on multiple specialty areas such as alternative fuels, aftermarket performance, heavy duty equipment training, off road and industrial equipment, custom paint and graphics, metal working, and manufacturer specific programs. The option of an associate’s degree can make a technician even more marketable as they will be well rounded employees able to interact with a variety of customers.

Manufacturer Partners

Technical training programs that contain the most value for students are those in which the college has partnered with the top names in the industry for training aids, curriculum and placement opportunities. There are many benefits from these partnerships including the ability of the college to train on some of the most up to date equipment and often offer certifications for the students through the manufacturers.

Certifications & Recognitions

Students should seek programs that prepare them for industry certifications and recognitions, thus providing the most value for their training.  Certifications and recognitions include manufacturer certifications, industry certifications, state and national certifications, awards and distinctions, as well as college degrees and diplomas.

Career Placement

One of the most important aspects of choosing a great technical school is the availability of a career services department and the placement rates achieved by that college. Students will want to pay special attention to make sure the technical college they are considering is placing students into careers in their industry of study. Manufacturing partners often recruit students directly from the technical colleges they work with. Your career services office should be able to provide you with statistics on this.

The bottom line in choosing a career college that suits you is to take all these factors into consideration and not to settle for cheap, easy and close. Go where you will receive the best education and create the most value yourself for a lifelong career.

From India to the United States

Those who want to succeed let nothing stand in their way.  Ohio Tech prides itself on having students who are willing to take on everything we have to offer and overcome life’s obstacles to become great.

A common reason many students give for not attending college is that it is too far away.  Many don’t want a long commute, or simply don’t want to leave the comfort and familiarity of their home, family and friends despite the opportunity that awaits.  Imagine having to leave your home country, learn a new language, acclimate to a new culture, enroll in college, and basically start over?

Ohio Technical College has a number of students who have relocated to the United States and are now here attending our automotive, diesel or other specialty career training programs with the hopes of making a better life.

One great example is Dadhi Phuyel of our Collision Repair & Refinishing training program was born in Bhutan. Due to political issues and fighting, he and his family became refugees and relocated to Nepal in 1992. There he went to school, learned English and graduated from high school. Phuyel says it was funny that they were taught English because no one there spoke it. “It came in handy when we relocated to the US, but we didn’t speak it or write it while living in India.” At age 26 Phuyel and his family got a sponsorship and were able to come to the United States.

Phuyel, of CR-135, says he didn’t know anything about automotive or collision repair until after he arrived in the US. “Back in India, driving conditions are crazy,” he says. “At least here there are rules, and for the most part everyone follows them – that is not the case back there.” Phuyel bought a vehicle shortly after he got his driver’s license and it was damaged in an accident. “I paid a lot of money for this car, and got like $200 for it after the accident. I bought another one, and some time later had problems with it,” he says. “I thought maybe I was being taken advantage of due to my lack of understanding of how things worked, so I decided to learn how to fix cars myself.”  That when he looked into collision repair schools in Ohio.

At the time he was working in a local factory, and a co-worker brought in some information on Ohio Technical College. “I looked over the information and decided I should look into it. I made the appointment to come and see the school.”

Phuyel works seven days a week at a factory, ten hours a day. He leaves OTC around 2pm, and has to be at work by 3:30pm. He’s there until 2:00am – gets an hour or so of sleep, and is at OTC by 7:30am.  He says he knows he has been given a great opportunity to better his life as well as that of his wife, who he met here in the US.

“I plan on working hard to increase my skills and eventually working in a collision shop.” Phuyel says his classmates and instructors have all been extremely helpful in showing him how to do a specific task, or taking the time to explain something he doesn’t quite understand. “I come in extra if I have to; to make sure I’ve got it”

He says more than likely he will take advantage of Lifetime Learning at OTC and re-take a few classes again to sharpen his skills.

OTC Student Golf Outing

Ohio Technical College students and staff, as well as family and friends of students and staff participated in a first ever golf outing on Sunday at Dragon Ranch Golf Club in Amherst, Ohio.

The weather couldn’t have been nicer, the course was beautiful and the 20 players were there to have a great time. Matthew Graham from DT234 and Andrew Ragan from DT232 teamed up and won the grand prize of $150 for the best score of 74 on 18 holes.

Andrew also won The Longest Drive on the back nine.

Several students who participated have never played golf before, and admitted it was a tad frustrating at first, but also had a great time.

Special thanks to Dragon Ranch Golf Club for being awesome hosts and several sponsors who donated money for hole sponsorships.

“Golden at Last” PowerSport Institute Graduate Jeremy Buurma

Jeremy came to PSI in August of 2007 seeking a chance to expand his horizons, leave the family farm business and make a career of his own.

“From what I had heard, PSI sounded like the opportune school to attend in this area. It was close to my home and I could still work on the farm if I needed to but, I was obtaining a great career in a whole different field at the same time. My objective was to become a technician and I would not have been able to do that if I did not go to PSI to train.”

After graduating from PSI in August of 2008, Jeremy had to go back to the farm but also made a point to continue working on powersports products for friends, family or any referrals they gave to him for work. He did his best to continue using his technical skills and repairing or maintaining whatever vehicles came to his door.

“The biggest advantage of the program that I took at PSI was the variety of manufacturers and types of power sport vehicles I trained on and that really helped when I was working on power sports on my own. Everything from PWC’s, ATV’s, Motorcycles and Utility Vehicles came to my door and the customers were looking to me for answers.”

In July of 2012 Jeremy joined the technician team at American Powersports in Findlay, OH. Being one of the largest dealers in his area who carries Victory, GEM, Yamaha, Polaris, Suzuki, Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Ski-Doo, and Sea-Doo, his vast technical knowledge allowed him to jump right in and get to work.

We asked Jeremy why after all that time working on his own he decided to go to a shop and his reply was “ I wanted to see what it was like working in a shop and getting a steady pay check was just a added bonus.”

Jeremy has been working on obtaining many of his manufacturer certifications through the shop and just completed his Polaris Gold ORV Dealer Class here at PSI. With officially being in a shop for two years now, we are proud of Jeremy and the quick strides he has made in obtaining his Gold Status through Polaris.

We asked Jeremy now that he is a graduate if he enjoyed the experience while attending PSI and is there any “words of wisdom” he may have for other students who are thinking about attending?

“PSI was a good experience and helped me to get into the industry. Being back and seeing the school and how much things have changed is amazing, it is a phenomenal facility. This dealer class was great, all the tools and vehicles were available and in really good shape, it was nice. The only advice that I can give to anyone thinking about entering the industry is to make sure that it is something that you want to do every day. This is a passion industry and if you don’t have the passion you will find out real quick that you are not cut out for it. You have to live it, breathe it and fix it to be successful.”

Congratulations Jeremy Buurma!